Thai Chicken Green Curry


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    • Coriander (Dhania) stalks – 10, cut into pieces for puree
    • Coriander (Dhania) powder – ½ tsp
    • Coriander (Dhania) seeds – 1 tsp
    • Coriander leaves (Dhania) – 1 cup, chopped
    • White pepper (Safed Mirch)– ½ tsp
    • Garlic (Lehsun) – 4 cloves, finely chopped
    • Ginger (Adrak) – 1 big piece, finely chopped
    • Green chillies (Hari mirch) – 4, finely chopped
    • Fresh Red chilli(Lal Mirch) – 1, finely chopped
    • Sambhar onion (Chhote pyaaz)– ¼ cup
    • Lemongrass stalks (Chai ki patti) – 2 tsp , finely chopped
    • Jaggery (Gur) – 1 tsp
    • Lemon juice (Nimboo ka ras) – 2 tsp
    • Boneless Chicken (Murgh ke bina haddi wale tukde) – 700gms,cut into pieces
    • Zucchini (Tori)- 1 big, sliced into small squares
    • Red bell pepper (Lal shimla mirch) – 1 cut in squares
    • Coconut cream (Nariyal malai) – 1 cup (available in can)
    • Coconut milk (Nariyal ka ras) – 2 cups (available in can)
    • Basil (Tulsi) leaves – 2 or 3
    • Salt – ½ tsp or to taste


    Step 1

    In a mixer blender, add dhania powder, dhania seeds, white pepper, garlic cloves, ginger, green chillies and red chilli and make a paste.

    Step 2

    To the paste add sambar onions, chopped dhania and blend (To ensure, that all ingredients become a proper paste and mix well, blending is done step-wise.)Then add 2 tbsp of lemongrass, coriander stalks, gur and lemon juice and blend further. Once done, put fresh curry paste in a bowl.

    Step 3

    Heat 2 tbsp oil in a wok/ deep fry pan. Put curry paste and cook for 5 minutes. Pour 1cup coconut cream and mix.

    Step 4

    Lower flame, add chicken pieces and cook for 2-3 minutes.

    Step 5

    Add zucchini, red bell pepper and allow it to cook for 5 minutes by covering pan with lid.

    Step 6

    Add 2 cups coconut milk, salt and stir well. Chop basil/ tulsi leaves and garnish. You may add more lemon juice or gur to make it more spicy or sweet, respectively, depending on your taste.

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